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With a Military and Protective Services background Alvin Gough continues to build upon his ongoing personal and professional development as a Level 1 Law Enforcement Krav Maga instructor and Use of Force instructor. 



Certified Protection Officer (CPO) - International Foundation For Protection Officers (IFPO)


1 Dan Black Belt and Instructor with the

Federation of Israeli Martial Arts


Level 1 Law Enforcement Krav Maga CT707 System


Threat Survival Instructor (CT707 KM/JKDU) . 


Level 1 Kickboxing Instructor Trainer, Fitness Kickboxing Canada


MMA Bootcamp instructor, Fitness Kickboxing Canada


Use of Force Instructor with GC Tactical 


Executive Protection Instructor with GC Tactical 



Developing Instructor:


Battlefield Kali JKDU



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1 613 702-2430

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